Business casual

This look not only makes you look professional but at the same time allows you to bring your personality in the forefront. You can play with a lot of color options and accessories.

In this look you can pair a skirt with a cardigan or jacket. You can choose colored shirts and blouses instead of the collared shirts with buttons. You can even choose to wear khakis or slacks.
Comfortable shoes like loafers and flats go well with this look. You can let your hair down and paint your nails with less conservative colors.


If your company does not impose a strict code, then dressing up in casuals for work is the best thing to happen. But casual should never be mistaken for a sloppy and messy look.

By coming to work in casuals clothes which are neat, ironed and appropriate for work will surely help people to take you seriously.

Well fitted tops and blouses teamed with slacks or skirts in casual fabrics look very good. Scarves, rings, bracelets, long earrings all go well with casual outfits. You can play with different hair styles and bright nail colors too.

In the end it does not matter which trend is currently dominating the fashion scene. The bottom line is that you should feel confident and comfortable in the fashion choices you make.

Dressing up to make an impression will help you break the ice with your clients. It opens up doors that will lead to exciting opportunities that will help you achieve your goals.

Finding your distinct dressing style is a journey that evolves as you mature. Each stage of life will give you an opportunity to revamp your wardrobe and discover a new you!

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