Dress For Success- The New Way To Dress For Work


It has been 40 years since the launch of the best seller book “Dress for success” written by John T. Molloy. The book talks about the profound effect style and clothes have on the person’s success. It introduced the concept of power dressing that encouraged women to don suits and take the corporate world by storm.

Women tend to become victims of bad fashion choices when it comes to dressing up for a job interview. The long lists of interview taboos like no dangling jewelry, no tattoos, etc add to the stress

Women also become complacent with their fashion choices after they get hired in the company. The need for “dress to impress” slowly fades away and they tend to blend in with the styles of their co workers.You can find more information about occasion dresses from Chesca here.

However, the trend is slowly but steadily changing. A growing number of women are becoming more confident in their fashion choices and are no longer afraid to push the boundaries and explore cool workplace dressing styles.

Women entrepreneurs must understand the power of corporate dressing. The way you dress is a visual representation of the person you are and of the work you do.

“What you have on is your business card,” says the managing partner of Q social media ltd, LaQuishe Wright. She suggests women to wear minimalistic dresses with signature jewelry which will make them not only look elegant and sophisticated but also like someone who takes her business seriously.

It is important to send out such a powerful message in order to network and expand your business.
Clothes have not becomes a medium of expression. A simple shirt or footwear gives you an opportunity to speak about your company on a non verbal platform. It is important to send out consistent messages or else people will get confused.

For example Tania Haigh who runs the successful firm Magnolia Insights which concentrates its efforts on marketing for women and mothers, ensures that her dressing style reflects the contemporary approach she gives to her clients. “I prefer to wear print blouses, pencil skirts and booties”, she says.

This new approach to dressing up is a refreshing change for people who do not like to be bound by the traditional job appropriate work attire.

Ms. Haigh says that bosses should be open- minded and not enforce strict dress code for staffers. She also suggests creating a culture of authenticity that allows people to be who they are.

Another successful business woman Zoë Barry who has developed the app ZappRX, choose to ignore the jeans and sneakers uniform and instead opted for silk blouse, pixie pants and black leather over-the-knee boots to complete her formal look.

When people hear her walking down the hall in her power boots, “They don’t question that I’m the CEO”, she said.

You can also find your own formal look by taking inspiration from the below 4 looks that women entrepreneurs and professionals are following.

Business formal

If you are a lawyer and have to engage in meetings with clients or if you hold a senior position in a firm, then dressing up in a business formal will help you to look the part.

You can choose to dress in a well fitted pant or skirt suit. Opt for neural shades like black, brown or navy blue. A white buttoned up shirt with collar goes well with the suit.

A pair of closed toe heels in neutral shades will complement the outfit well. Choose a pair of studs instead of chandelier earrings. Well groomed hair and nails will make a good impression on your clients.

Business professional

If you have a career in finance, accounting or if your company has a strict dress code, you can choose the business professional look.

A business professional look is neat and more traditional compared to the business formal look. You can add your personal touch by experimenting with colors and accessories.

A suit or a well fitted skirt paired with a top or jacket look perfect for nailing the business professional look. A solid colored button up shirt with closed toe pumps work well with the outfit.
Choose a high quality piece of statement jewelry that is not very distracting. Well groomed hair and nails with a clear coat or beige never go out of fashion.

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